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A Senior Session with ALL the Feels

It’s one of my favorite times of year - the first day of school is just around the corner and for some, it’s their senior year! Photoshoots with high school seniors are so fun - they are so excited to share their accomplishments and show who they have grown up to be that they really get into it!

Recently I was honored to have a senior portrait session with someone I’ve known since she was little, Fiona. We met when our families were stationed in Alaska. Her dad and my husband were deployed together in Afghanistan in the same battalion and Fiona’s mom and I became friends through the Family Readiness Group. As military families do, we soon moved and moved again, but the saying holds true that “in the Army, all paths cross again,” and "Goodbyes are really just an ‘I'll see you later.’" Fast forward to 2018: Our families are back in the same state again, just a few towns apart, and Fiona will be graduating this year - go Class of 2019! Her mom asked if I could record this milestone with a senior portrait session and of course, I said yes!

We picked a beautiful park in Springfield, VA. The space is perfect for photoshoots with a fountain, bridge, walkway and backdrop of trees. It was one of the hottest days in August but Fiona, her brother and mom were troopers! Her brother helped me carry gear to the field and her mom held the light reflector! Fiona has grown into an absolutely stunning, smart and kind young woman.

I always incorporate my clients’ ideas in our session and Fiona is quite creative! The resulting pics show off a variety of her loves and talents. We took pics in hockey uniform and a gorgeous teal dress, plus a couple of casual looks. Two of the themes were extra sentimental and brought back so many memories! First was a series of pics with a chalkboard sign that featured the history of Fiona: a map of locations where she has lived and traveled.

Fiona and her brother when their dad came back to the U.S. from Afghanistan with some of the patches. New jacket shown at top of post.

Second, and the most touching for me, featured a denim jacket with patches from her dad’s military career, some even from before she was born (see top image). Her dad had received several patches when deployed and brought them home. Before he deployed next, those and several other army patches were put on jackets for the kids. Fiona is proud of her Army brat status and wanted her updated jacket featured in her senior session. In all of the looks, Fiona is gorgeous (she’s a natural!).

This was such nostalgic session and we had so much fun. All the memories from our times in Alaska came rushing back. It’s been such a treat to hear from mutual friends from the past after I shared the sneak peek on Facebook.

I’m so excited that senior portrait season is upon us - if you know a senior ready to share their talents with the world, please contact me to schedule a session!

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