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About Me

Hi! I'm Susan!  Passionate photographer, loving wife, mama bear, adventurer, lover of yummy food and sweet wine. Does chasing after two kiddos count as exercise? Every morning before the littles wake up, I have my cup of coconut creamer with splash of coffee.  Reality TV is my guilty pleasure, although the Hallmark Channel and Lifetime are not far behind.  Christmas movies in July...YES PLEASE!!   Most afternoons, you can find me sitting outside, rockin the mom bun, watching my kids  and fur kid playing.  My family is my everything, and I love them fiercely.  Acupuncture changed my life, I don't have enough space to write how, but would happily talk to you about it.  I'm an open book, and feel that people need to love, support, and build each other up.  Whether you are on the mountain top, or in the valley, God put you there, and he is walking with you through everything.  

I'm the mom who LOVES taking pictures of her kids, but am not in any of them...well not in focus in any of them anyway.  I DON'T want that to be you!!  Let me capture the beauty of you WITH your family, and hit the pause button for just a moment!!  Just sit back, relax, and have fun, I want you to enjoy our session.  I love taking pictures, of everyone and everything.  I can't walk down the street without looking for the location for my next photoshoot.  

I love capturing sweet, silly, unforgettable moments and milestones and seeing YOU see those moments in my pictures!! I'm excited to announce that my photos have been published in Golden Exposure Magazine , Shutter Up Magazine, and The Creative Collection Magazine!   Most recently, I was featured in The PhotograpHER Magazine as one of  the 2021 Top Female Photographer's from around the world!   Let's get together and start creating those memories!!!


Fun Facts


-I put ketchup on EVERYTHING but HATE tomatoes

-I think crock pot liners are the greatest invention EVER

-I'm a hugger, even if we are just meeting for the first time

-I will forever say that I am 5'9.5" and not 5'10" 

-I send my friends annual reminders to NEVER let me get bangs... again

-I had the honor to be the second shooter for the 2016 Triumph Games which aired on CBS Sports!!!!!



the creative collection published photog
golden exposure magazine 2020 published
shutter up 2020 published photographer.p

Contact Me

Springfield, VA 22153

310 902 2383

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