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A Photographer Moves to Springfield

Welcome to my very first ever photography blog! I hope this blog builds you up with sweet, funny, and unforgettable moments. I’ll share stories from photoshoots, answers to frequently asked questions, special promotions, new products, and peeks behind the scenes. To start, I’d like to share the story of how we got to where we are today.

My favorite people are my family: Emma, 5 yrs old, Hudson, 14 months, and my husband Chip (Sitka, our adopted yellow lab, is family too!). As a military family, we’ve moved quite a bit! Just after Chip and I married we moved to Alaska, then he left for his deployment for a full year. It was during this time that I discovered my passion for photography. My husband’s going away present to me was a camera. It wasn’t an everyday camera, it was fancy - buttons, menus, options galore - and I was overwhelmed! Luckily my cousin Molly in Pennsylvania is also a photographer and a good teacher! With her guidance over many Skype calls, I learned how to use my new camera to start capturing the beauty surrounding me.

One of my favorites from my first "official" photoshoot

My first official photoshoot was for friends’ one year wedding anniversary. They gifted each other a photoshoot... from me. I was ecstatic! We had a really fun session where they recreated poses from their wedding photos. As time went on, more and more people were seeing my photos and saying they were great. Just as I was building a following we were stationed back on the east coast, in Charlottesville, Virginia and I launched Susan Kruger Photography. Through Facebook groups and sharing with other local moms, I started booking mini-sessions for holiday cards. My client base was growing through word-of-mouth, but it was soon time to move again!

This time we landed in a place that is a big part of our story: #WestPoint, New York. Chip graduated from West Point, we got married there, we lived there for a few years, and our youngest was born there - he’s even named after the Hudson Valley. While in West Point, I had the honor of being the second shooter for the 2016 Triumph Games. During the #TriumphGames, Veterans put all their mental and physical capacities to the test, and compete as way to heal. Being the second shooter for this amazing event was a highlight of my career.

Miche Stadium, West Point, NY

While pregnant with Hudson, Chip took a civilian job in Washington D.C. and was tasked with finding us our next home. He found the perfect place in his hometown of Springfield, VA. Two months after Hudson’s birth, we moved to Springfield and it felt like a homecoming. After a few months of settling in it was time to find new clients and prove my photo chops all over again! Loving natural light and outdoor photography, I was immediately attracted to all of the beautiful parks. Photoshoots in the park are delightful: grass, trees, buildings, and paths offer so many options for #seniorpictures, #familyportraits, #headshots for social profiles, and more. Photo sessions during #cherryblossom season are especially beautiful.

Cherry trees in full bloom, Washington, D.C.

We love our community - kids play out front, neighbors have become friends, and our church is just the best! Even though we have only been in #Springfield for just over a year, I know we’ll be here for a long, long time to come.

I would love to get to know you, your business, and your family. Contact me to schedule a photoshoot today!

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